DVLA traffic signs and their meanings in Ghana

Traffic signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to guide and provide information to road users (drivers and pedestrians).

Road signs can be otherwise referred to as traffic signs.

There are a number of road color signs in Ghana, we will talk about the five most common ones namely; black and white, yellow, green and red.

Today, we shall walk you through the DVLA traffic signs and their meanings in Ghana you should know.

Below are the interpretations of the commonly used colors;


signifies all vehicles to come to a halt in order for pedestrians to have the chance to cross.


signifies a warning for the cars to get ready to move.


signifies that the vehicles can move freely now and pedestrians must desist from crossing.


signifies the speed limits and gives pedestrians the command to cross the road while the vehicles stop even though the traffic light is not red.

The above colors and meanings apply anywhere in Ghana and as law-abiding citizens, we all must obey and comply to have a stress-free and trouble-free drive and walk.

The DVLA makes use of some shapes to send the road signs messages across. Some of them include the circle, octagon, triangle, vertical rectangle, pentagon among others.


A bicycle in the circle stands for no cycling.

A car with a motorcycle in the circle stands for no motor vehicles.

An upside-down U in the circle stands for no U-turn.


A triangle with the sign of the cross stands for crossroads ahead.

A triangle with a human image crossing the black and white stripes stands for pedestrian crossing ahead.

A triangle with a human holding a shovel stands for roadworks.

A rectangle with the letter P in it stands for a parking lot.

A rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards stands for one-way traffic.

These are just a few to get you started, but there are a lot more that you need to know and understand before you can qualify to drive on our roads.

So do some research, find out more and it will pay off greatly when it is time for you to take the DVLA Driver Assessment Test.

kwaku Amenorhu
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