Everything You Need to Know about PayPal in Ghana

If you want to earn from Ghana, but don’t have a bank account in one of the banks there, Paypal is a really handy thing to know about. Find out in this article how it all works and what you need to do to get started with PayPal in Ghana.

Introduction to Paypal in Ghana

Paypal (or PayPal) is a US-based company founded in 1998 and acquired by eBay in 2002. It offers an online payment facility that allows people to pay via an email address. This means transactions can take place in seconds and you don’t actually need to give your card and personal information over the phone. Paypal also has a reputation for being safer than other international money transfer sites such as Western Union or Moneygram amongst others.

Benefits of using Paypal which are hiding in the PayPal user agreement

You can set your PayPal account to allow or deny other people- not just buyers- to send money. This is particularly helpful for non-profits, churches, and people who like selling products like homemade crafts through online marketplaces. And if you have a business in Ghana that isn’t online, Paypal still offers payment services at banks, retail stores, the post office, anywhere you happen to be in Ghana!

Is switching to PayPal worth the hassle?

PayPal seems like a dream come true if you need to send money overseas to friends and family. But, many people often ask if switching from their credit card is worth the hassle. In answer to that question, PayPal does have some drawbacks. For one, it only accepts the most popular credit cards so there’s a good chance you’re not eligible to use it. Second, not all sellers accept PayPal so you may not be able to visit any of your favorite shopping sites anymore.

Should I stay with my current agent?

When it comes to payment, there are a number of processors that offer what’s known as a merchant account. Like many other systems these days, technology has democratized the process so anyone can sign up and get an account in a matter of minutes. However, PayPal does have some advantages over its competitors.

Topics about sending money abroad, goods and services

Ghana is a hot spot for fraud and other financial crimes, but Paypal helps protect both the buyer and the seller. With this popular payment company, you can send money to Ghana with online safety for your most sensitive information. Buyers are safeguarded from fraudsters if they use Paypal because they are given an extra layer of protection with extra verified identification. Sellers are guarded too because their account is blocked if they don¹t provide the promised goods or services.

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