High Five Or Prayer? This Emoji is Making People Confused

This is a popular debate amongst users. Some believe that the emoji is a prayer, while others say it is a high-five. However, there are many differences in interpretation. The question of whether the emoji is a high-five or a prayer is frequently tweeted about. Regardless of your perspective, you should be sure to check the emoji’s meaning.

The original version of the emoji was a high-five gesture, with a yellow light behind the hands. The second version of the emoji had a similar appearance to a prayer pose, but it was more obscure. While some platforms showed the hands in front of a person, others showed only one. The original emoji had a golden halo surrounding the hands.

The folded hands emoji has always been used for a prayer. But recently, Apple has made it more generic. Instead of having a separate praying hand emoji, the company has redesigned the emoji to include both. The emoji also has more than just one meaning. A high-five is also a sign of gratitude. If you’re not sure, you should take the time to research each of them.

What is it? Is it a high five or a prayer? This Emoji is causing people to be confused. You can see a full-size image of this emoji below. This emoji can represent a variety of emotions, including gratitude, hope, and reverence. It is also used to express appreciation and gratitude. This emoji is making people confuse.

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