How I Made 484$ In 1 Hour Of Work

I want to share with you today a nice method I used a few months ago to make some money before I moved to TikTok.
I learned a lot from this forum in the past 10 years and I think this is the moment to give some back :)

So the method starts in search of a CPA offer that you think will convert best for you.
I worked with MaxBounty and always like to take “Jobs” offers since they convert best for me mostly after the Covid.
I found a nice offer that gave $2.40 per email submitted with a net EPC of 0.11 which was good for me, The offer was “Leave us an email and we’ll send you remote job offers every day”.

*Make sure the network allows post your offer on social media in order not to break the rules

The next step was to open a new email account and open / buy an existing account on Reddit (I believe an account exists with karma that works better for this method).
Add details to the account profile to appear as reliable as possible.

The idea of the method is to gather as many people as possible who are interested in remote work and especially interested in receiving job offers regularly.
So as you can imagine the next step is to write a hiring message for people who are interested in remote jobs and make them contact us.
Use Canva to create your ad post. It’s free and they have great temples.
Our ad should be as relevant and professional as possible – For example:

The next step is the final one before we start posting and it’s to create a landing page and set up our email for an automatic response so we don’t have to work hard :)
For the landing page just open page with 2 options: “For remote jobs offers click here” and “For regular job offers click here”
You must make this simple LP since almost every CPA network requires you to work with landing pages, so it just looks simple like this:

After we are done with our LP we are ready to go and all we have to do is to create the automatic response.
If you use Gmail just use the option of “Out of office” and write there your message with our link to the LP.
So when people will see our hiring post they will send us a mail and they will get our automatic response like this:

The Final Part:

So we set everything we need and we come to the final part which is the most fun one and it starts posting.
Go to Reddit and start to find Job seekers / Hiring groups subreddit (There is a lot) and start posting with your Reddit account the post we made before with Canva.

Make sure that your email in the post is correct and the automatic response works well and that’s it.
Reddit has huge traffic potential, people will start to send to your email their CV and the automatic response will send them the LP of the offer – SIMPLE.

It needs takes you like an hour to set up everything and all you need is just post as much as you can and sit & watch your new money :)

Some highlights:

– Don’t pass the LP part – the CPA network can take your money and leads if you will work with a direct link.
– Make sure you post a good subreddit for you – if your offer is for the USA don’t post on “Hiring in Italy”.

set all the posts & messages to look professional – it’s very important that native English people don’t complete any lead if they don’t believe you.

Can I scale this method?

Yes. For sure.
I made this only with Reddit and for a very very short time because I moved to TikTok but I’m sure you can make bank from this.
This is only Reddit what with Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Forums? and more and more good traffic sources.

kwaku Amenorhu
Author: kwaku Amenorhu

Amenorhu kwaku is an author, internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of SuccessValley, a network community for students and aspiring entrepreneurs