Publisher Program

Whoop collaborates with thousands of world-class publishers to amplify their content in a supportive and premium environment.

What is Whoop?

Whoop connects people with great local businesses. Use Whoop to find great local businesses all over the world.

Different Ways to Earn Money as a Whoop Publisher

1. Earn money per listing

list businesses in our directory site, and for every claimed listed business, your earn GHc 0.10 per listing from the comfort of your home with an extra 20% commission for your claimed listing.

2. Earn 20% per referrals

When you sign up for our Affiliate Program we will give you a special link that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose! You will earn income for every customer that signs up through your link and made a purchase.

You can be a blogger, webmaster, or just Internet user to earn really good money using your skill. All you need is add our advertising into your personal website, twitter, blog, Facebook – Promote Tips

3. Content creator

Get paid for every article you write on  Whoop. You will generate most of your earnings from AdSense. Adsense pays out at around $2-$3 per 1,000 views, but it is subject to change and depends on content.

4. Work from Home Jobs

We provide work from home jobs for our publishers through our partners networks. All payments are made in 30 days after completion of work and work been verified by our partners.