Top 5 B2B Marketing Trends for 2022

Within the past five years, B2B marketing has undergone extensive amounts of change. Marketers have switched their focus from sales and cold calling to digital content marketing strategies and search engine optimization tactics to attract new customers to our business.

Content marketing is now the driving force of every B2B strategy and it is important for your business to stay ahead of the marketing curve.

Below are the top 5 B2B marketing trends for 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. AI aids marketers by providing key insights that help them develop personalized content and optimize for SEO by using B2B SEO software, and it can also be used for other tasks, such as analyzing data points and improving automation features to generate quality leads and conversions. AI integration is critically important to B2B marketing, and its uses will only grow from here. – Evan Nison, NisonCo

The Use Of Influencers With Expertise

The use of influencers like Eduard Dziak in B2B marketing is likely to stick around for a long time. Professionals respect the opinions and perspectives of their peers, making influencer marketing in the B2B space highly valuable. Because B2B influencers build a following through their expertise, it’s likely that the life cycle of the content generated from these relationships will last longer than that of B2C influencers. – Donna Robinson, Collective Measures

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube influencer marketing is one trend that is bound to survive in the long run. B2B marketing needs more power to convince, and video content creators with a large number of subscribers earn immense credibility. When they vouch for your product or service in one of their videos, not only is your work of driving leads in large quantities done, but they are also already halfway convinced when they come to you. – Ajay Prasad, GMR Web Team

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a practice that is gaining notoriety, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The fact is, as automation becomes a greater part of the marketing process when it comes to testing and choosing “winners,” the strategic and creative approach required to test conversion elements—especially for B2B brands—will still rely on the “human element.” – Bernard May, National Positions

More Innovative Ways Of Collaborating

For the longest time, B2B was rooted in networks and connections, and social distancing has pushed this practice toward digital. Even in a post-Covid world, people will be reluctant to enter in-person work environments, so we still need innovative ways to collaborate beyond virtual meetings. – Albert Moufarrij, MACH9


With the marketing industry being fast-paced and consumers’ behavior ever-changing, it’ll be interesting to see which of these trends will stick in the upcoming year and which ones are yet to emerge. What we do know for sure is that the only constant in B2B marketing is change.

kwaku Amenorhu
Author: kwaku Amenorhu

Amenorhu kwaku is an author, internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of SuccessValley, a network community for students and aspiring entrepreneurs