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The Whoop Membership is a diverse community of passionate writers, photographers, and adventurers. Every experience you share on Whoop and whoop app helps people discover the best of everything local. Love discovering hidden gems? Supporting local businesses? Going the extra mile with your photos, reviews, and adventures with whoop strap 3.0? Join your local YES! community and discover even more hidden spots in your city with your mobile app.

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Back in the early days of Whoop, we noticed some folks went above and beyond sharing reviews and photos—without these voices Whoop wouldn’t be what it is today. Have you spotted anyone with a Whoop Elite badge? It’s our way of recognizing these folks for making a difference and supporting local businesses by sharing their experiences.

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Sharing reviews and photos is just the beginning. Joining YES! means being officially recognized as a Whoop Elite on your profile, meeting other locals in the community that share your interests, and scoring exclusive invites to amazing local events and meet-ups. From cocktails on boats to playdates with penguins, there are all kinds of experiences to check out.

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Real people. Real reviews.® YES! isn’t just about recognizing folks who share a ton of pictures or write long reviews, it’s also a mark of trust—be sure to brush up your profile! And just keep sharing your reviews, photos, and more and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Whoop Elite. Whether you’re new to Whoop or a regular, anyone can nominate themselves or others to join.


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