Innovative Features

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Online Community, RCNews

Online Community

Your project looks great on any device. Contact can be easily read and a user unde stands freely what you wanted to say him or her.

Free Classified Ads, RCNews

Free Classified Ads

The set of ready made CSS files with different color schemes will help you in quick landing’s adaptation according to your benchmark style.

Free Online Course, RCNews

Free Online Course

The graph source file in PSD format is included in the archive.

Innovative Features, RCNews
Diverse, RCNews


No fluff. Nothing should lead the visitor awar from the main seenese of website. There must be just important information.

Free Press Release, RCNews

Free Press Release

The detailed documentation will help you in adjusting the project with little effort according to your requirements.

Online Church Service, RCNews

Online Church Service

The page is adapted to the most of the popular platform in segment.

Top Trending Movies

Watch your favorite movies, music video, cartoons and funny clips right from the comfort of your home with your family and friends.

Daily Coronavirus News, RCNews

Daily Coronavirus News

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

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Feature#1, RCNews


Your opinion matters and Nomad is the best way to share relevant comments that help your fellow movie-goers.

Feature#2, RCNews


Get organized and never forget the best parts of your favourite films. Develop a taste profile unique to you.

Feature#3, RCNews


The entire Nomad interface is fully customizable to fit your style and mood.

Feature#4, RCNews


Don’t be tied to one device. Nomad lets you to seamlessly share your love of movies no matter where you are.

Feature#5, RCNews


Nomad is a fully accessible app. We think everyone should have a say in the storytelling power of film.

Feature#6, RCNews


Be a content creator and pen your very own fan pages, forums and reviews. Easily export it all to Medium.

Feature#7, RCNews


Find out what movies are trending and gain valuable insights into your own tastes.

Feature#8, RCNews


Nomad is connected to the cloud, which means your feed is always up to date.

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